Видео: Dementium: The Ward Review for the Nintendo DS

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Here's the review of Dementium Remastered on the 3DS eShop. Please read the full review here: ...

The DS's Failed Silent Hill Game - MasterJay

Dementium The Ward is the result of a pitch to Konami for a Silent Hill game on the DS. It failed, obviously. Here's why... Consider ...

Dementium Remastered - 3DS - Chapter 1 - 4 - Nintendo Let's Play

This is my first descent into Dementium Remastered from Renegade Kid! Thought I'd try some horror games on the 3DS. Thanks ...

Dementium: The Ward '1UP Review'

Playing the DS horror game at 60 FPS on DS. For more videos check out http://gamevideos.com/video/channel/1UP%20Show.

Dementium: The Ward - Nintendo DS Video Game Review!!

My review of the 2007 Nintendo DS game Dementium: The Ward. Leave your thoughts on this game in the comments. Hope you ...

Dementium 2 (DS) Review

I'm no longer making videos on this channel, if you wanna see more, click here: ...

Nintendo DS Longplay [076] Dementium - The Ward

http://www.longplays.org Played by: NPI Finally, a horror FPS for the DS. This game fits somewhere between Silent Hill and The ...

Dementium The Ward - King Of Archers

this might need a content warning for blood woops ♔ My Social Media! Twitter: https://twitter.com/kingofarchers Tumblr: ...

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Nintendo DS Hidden Gems Ep. 1 Games listed: Alien: Infestation (2011, WayForward) Retro Game Challenge (2009, indieszero) ...

Dementium: The Ward Walkthrough - Part 1 - Chapter One - The Admittance (1080p)

Dementium: The Ward Walkthrough for the Nintendo DS. Part 1 with Chapter 01 - The Admittance. This has gameplay and my ...


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Dementium The Ward Overview and Review

A look at Dementium The Ward for Nintendo ds.

Dementium: Remastered - Trailer

Renegade Kid is enhancing the visuals, improving gameplay elements and more with this version of the survival-horror title.

Dementium: The Ward DS Review

Dementium: The Ward DS Review. Sorry for the crappy performance Please rate and comment.

Dementium The Ward DS 3ds video review

This is the most scariest survival horror game I have ever played!All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for ...

Dementium: The Ward. Nintendo DS. Walkthrough

Dementium: The Ward. Deathless walkthrough on Nintendo DS.

Dementium the Ward Review

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